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After the positive reception of Selfshadow 1.0, the on-line artistic project, where pictures of my own shadow have been published, We've already had an offer to display in Madrid the project so that anybody can participate.

Selfshadows 2.0 is an Open Project that puts together as many pictures of shadows as possible and made by the people submitting them. The result is a great artistic project with international coverage.

The photos will be published on these pages. There is a distinct possibility of a book being published in the wake of the collection. We are currently in contact with some publishing houses and the results so far are encouraging. We will keep you informed both on our site and by e mail.

Apart from on-line promotion, you can look forward to interviews with Art Galleries and Museums such as Reina Sofía in Madrid, AVAM in Valencia, La Vidriera in Santander, or CAB in Burgos, as a way of promoting the project.

We a have already had an offer to showcase the project in Madrid. Microware has already confirmed its interest in exhibing the collection next november in its Clara del Rey store, a very up-market and fashionable shopping area. In early November we'll be promoting the show with a giant DIN-A0 sized poster showing all of the pictures. We are now looking at all possible means of promotion. If you can help in any way, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Therefore pease don't hesitate to send an email to selfshadows@gmail.com (mention the Selfshadows 2.0 project).

Your support counts
We need your photos to make this project as big as possible. Please invite your friends to chip in, by sending and resending messages to make this chain grow as much as possible. The bigger it gets, the better the promotion, so we’re counting on you.

Terms and conditions
E-mail us 2 pictures, one being your Selfshadow contribution and the other your ID, using a card size/style type (CV). Include your name or a nickname if preferred and a picture's tittle, if you have one, to our email address.

--> selfshadows@gmail.com <--

  • Photos can be any size but not less than 640x480 pixels.
  • Every picture will be sized for Web and document viewing.
  • You can send as many emails as you want.
  • Amaze us with your artistry :)
  • All rights, including international copyrights are to remain with the respective photographers who submit to this project. Photographer grants Javier A. Bedrina the right to publish the work without compensation in all media (print and electronic) as it relates to the Selfshadows Photographic Open Project v.2.0 and pictures will not be used commercially.

Photos will be publishing until close data (undetermined).
Selfshadows 2.0 a Javier A. Bedrina's project.

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